The quietness in the weeks after..

You sit down at work and seemingly it is just another day.. Little did I know I would be on a plane back to Norway later that evening, my Bestefar (Grandad) was not well.

It is beyond difficult to have to accept that one of the most influential, inspiring and warmest people in my life has passed away. I don’t want to have to accept it, it is too painful. He was so much more than a Bestefar to me, he was a guiding hand in the ups and downs in life, my very own historian and tour guide, a source of inspiration and wisdom.

I feel incredibly grateful to have had a person such as him in my life. The pain I am experiencing now is the result of a wonderful and unique relationship. Though I am hurting, I would choose this pain over not having him in my life at all. This is the price we pay for building strong bonds, for loving each other and building each other up. He was one of my biggest supporters and he will always continue to give my guidance in life.

His stories will never be forgotten, his moral compass in life will always be a source of inspiration and his courage in life will continue to live on.

Today, International Women’s Day feels that much more emotional. My Bestefar would always give me a call, congratulate me on my achievements and serve me a story of all the wonderful women who fought for equal rights. He would never let me forget where our story as women evolved from, how far we had come and how we needed to continue to stand up for what is right, in all aspects of life.

The last few weeks have been quiet, too quiet at times. I hear my phone ringing when it isn’t, hoping for a second that it will be my Bestefar calling.

Moving on will be challenging to say the least, but I will do all that is in my power to lead my life in his honour and never forget the infinite source of wisdom that was my Bestefar.

Always in my mind and always in my heart.


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