About last night…

Disclaimer: I need to find a way to take pictures that won’t become cropped to death due to wrong angles and the lack of a photographer. Any tips? 

Moving along.. Last night was one of those nights out where you could not care less about other people’s opinion about you – you are just out for a good time and want to dance without boundaries. I am talking about busting some serious shapes.

I have officially started to retire my winter wardrobe and ended up wearing one of my all time favourite tops from See By Chloe (TK Maxx, thank you!). I feel like a Superheroine with those fantastic sleeves!Everyone else was wearing black, but who cares? And in the famous words of Rupaul – what someone thinks about you is none of your business. PREACH! I cannot wait to start getting out more of my spring and summer clothes, so fingers crossed London will not bring on another summer serving rain, rain and some more rain. Hopefully the trip to Rome next weekend will give some good weather vibes.

Foxes ❤

How excited are you guys about spring/summer? I cannot wait!



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