Favourite European Cities…



I was definitely  bitten by the travel bug early on in life and travelling is today one of my favourite aspect of life. Travelling gives me life! Travelling gives me the opportunity to explore the spice of life way beyond my own nose. YASS!

Here are my 5 favourite European cities I have had the pleasure to visit and live in.


Honestly, where would I even start with this one. Barcelona is one of those vibrant cities that makes me want to quit life, drink coffee all day, move into a run down warehouse to be artistic and creative. I don’t have a talent for either painting or drawing, but Barcelona makes me feel like I could make a living out of it anyway.

To me, Barcelona has it all! It has the big city feel and there is never a dull moment. There is a beach (!), gorgeous weather and a mutual understanding for drinking sangria before 5pm. The architecture is unique considering Gaudí’s pieces are spread all across the city and I feel like I fall love with the city every time I visit.




Where wine tasting serves you a normal glass of wine…




Probably one of the coolest cities I have had the joy of visiting – the vibe is just so liberal, free and “ah, life”! Assuming Copenhagen is a reflection of the general Danish population, I totally understand why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world. Copenhagen makes me want to laugh, smile and be appreciative. There is joy and laughter in the smallest aspects of life, you can have the best day by enjoying a beverage of your choice and reading a book or be surrounded by friends.






Scandi Design is my kind of design.



Since I live here, London cannot go unmentioned. I moved to London in 2010 and I have lived for this city ever since. The city that never rests, literally. Anyone who has been brave enough to go on the underground during rush hour or visit Oxford Circus on a weekend (daredevils visit Oxford Circus on a weekend in December) know what I am talking about. Tuna can, sardin can, whatever fish can you can think of is the best description of London during rush hours. For some reason, I do love it overall, though I cannot stand it in the moment. Nonetheless, London is the city I grew up in as a young adult (now verging plain adult) and I love it for the lessons and experiences I have had here. London has taught me compassion when times are challenging, confidence when met by those who doubt you and to never settle.







I am fortunate to have a better half who will jump at any opportunity to travel, whether it be for a weekend or 2 weeks! We are going to Copenhagen today and we are only hours away from rushing out the door and I cannot wait.

What are your favourite cities?


Honourable mentions: Oslo, Amsterdam, Brighton and Puerto Banus. 


8 thoughts on “Favourite European Cities…

      1. Tips on Rome?
        Have you been to Paris at all? Rome is considered “Paris little sister”.

        For me it is one of the most romantic cities out there.

        The lines into St. Peters dome can be long. Up to 3 hours kind of long.
        A nice way to cut that way completely is, to take an organized tour of the Vatican museum. Not only will you get to see the best pieces of art swiftly, it also will allow you to see the famous “Sistine chapel” ( no photos allowed. They watch you like a fox!) but they will go afterwards into the dome. 😉

        I would also try to do a tour of the Colosseum, it is really interesting and gives it so much more meaning.

        Another good tip is to NOT eat around monuments or on the “Spanish steps”. You can pay a fine up to 650 € for it!!

        Walk around at night too. I personally looove Rome at night, it is even more romantic than during the daylight.

        Rome is a very walkable city. I felt very safe there, but of course, use common sense.

        Have a great time in one of my favorite cities ever!

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      2. Thank you SO much, especially for making me aware not to eat around the monuments or Spanish Steps :O I will make sure to walk around at night, wandering around cities is my favourite way of getting to know them 🙂

        I have been to Paris a couple of times, so if Rome is its little sister I am even more excited!

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      3. Sure. Nobody wants to eat a gelato and pay a few hundred euros fine for it.


        I usually don’t copy and paste links in here but I think this is in your interest.

        Rome is incredibly picturesque. Since you said you loved Paris, now I know you will love Rome.

        Maybe you can let me know how you liked it. I wish you safe travels and a wonderful time in bella Italia!

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