Why London?

Being accept to a university in London in 2010, I quickly packed my bags and prepared for a adventure of a lifetime. I would be living my big city dream like Carrie Bradshaw. I have always connected with Miss Bradshaw as we both have curly hair. Come to think of it, I connected the most with Scary Spice in the good old days, probably because we both had curly hair. Apparently, not much is needed for me to feel a connection. Who else is there… Sideshow Bob.  Anyway, little did I know that this adventure would continue to excite me for many years to come.

There are many assumptions about London, such as the rain having a special relationship with London. I would personally say that they are quite close, but don’t tell any Londoners I said that! Arguably, the wind has a even deeper connection with London. At the end of the day, it always makes a great guessing game in the morning. What do you wear? Will my hair frizz (answer is yes regardless)? Umbrella or a hat? Most likely both. Ballerinas or wellies?

That being said, I do love London despite its awkward weather temperament.


London has the ability to make you feel at ease because its day-to-day tempo is so rapid, you can sit down and enjoy the show. Lean into that chair and allow the chaos to bypass you whilst you have a drink and a laugh.


London is brave and the people who live here show courage on a daily basis. Case in point: Most Londoners embark on the underground every single day!


London keeps you on your toes and surprises you. I am due to marry a Englishman. Who would have thought? How we met is actually worth writing down when I come to think of it.


London can make you feel lonely, but quickly makes up for it in its spirit of “anything can happen”! You just need to make it happen.

559056_10152770747955265_532382258_n Abracadabra.


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