Eurovision soiree

Each year Eurovision fills us with joy, laughter and some serious questions concerning taste levels. In other words, last night was great! I have been a big fan of Eurovision since Alexander Rybak (Norway) won the hearts and votes of Europe back in 2009 and the song still makes me feel patriotic. Having never listened to any kind of violin and folk/pop music, I was simply sold the second I saw it. Why? It must be the delicate mix of genius and horror. I love it!

This year, my S.O and hosted a Eurovision soiree and a 7 year old dream came to life. It might have come as a shock to you all that Norway was not in the finale yesterday. Well, you are not alone as I was devastated to say the least. I mean.. the first time I throw a party and Norway did not even participate? Only one Nordic country participated, namely Sweden as all the others were booted off in the semi-finals. So let’s be honest here, Eurovision is nothing if not including a little political banter. I could not possibly have voted for Sweden, I’m Norwegian! Felt forced to vote for the UK as I live here. Damn pride and patriotism!

At least the food was yummy and there was more than enough bubbles.


PS: Am I the only one feeling we missed out on the votes as only the jury vote was highlighted? I would much rather see the voting of the people!

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