The quietness in the weeks after..

You sit down at work and seemingly it is just another day.. Little did I know I would be on a plane back to Norway later that evening, my Bestefar (Grandad) was not well.

It is beyond difficult to have to accept that one of the most influential, inspiring and warmest people in my life has passed away. I don’t want to have to accept it, it is too painful. He was so much more than a Bestefar to me, he was a guiding hand in the ups and downs in life, my very own historian and tour guide, a source of inspiration and wisdom.

I feel incredibly grateful to have had a person such as him in my life. The pain I am experiencing now is the result of a wonderful and unique relationship. Though I am hurting, I would choose this pain over not having him in my life at all. This is the price we pay for building strong bonds, for loving each other and building each other up. He was one of my biggest supporters and he will always continue to give my guidance in life.

His stories will never be forgotten, his moral compass in life will always be a source of inspiration and his courage in life will continue to live on.

Today, International Women’s Day feels that much more emotional. My Bestefar would always give me a call, congratulate me on my achievements and serve me a story of all the wonderful women who fought for equal rights. He would never let me forget where our story as women evolved from, how far we had come and how we needed to continue to stand up for what is right, in all aspects of life.

The last few weeks have been quiet, too quiet at times. I hear my phone ringing when it isn’t, hoping for a second that it will be my Bestefar calling.

Moving on will be challenging to say the least, but I will do all that is in my power to lead my life in his honour and never forget the infinite source of wisdom that was my Bestefar.

Always in my mind and always in my heart.


About last night…

Disclaimer: I need to find a way to take pictures that won’t become cropped to death due to wrong angles and the lack of a photographer. Any tips? 

Moving along.. Last night was one of those nights out where you could not care less about other people’s opinion about you – you are just out for a good time and want to dance without boundaries. I am talking about busting some serious shapes.

I have officially started to retire my winter wardrobe and ended up wearing one of my all time favourite tops from See By Chloe (TK Maxx, thank you!). I feel like a Superheroine with those fantastic sleeves!Everyone else was wearing black, but who cares? And in the famous words of Rupaul – what someone thinks about you is none of your business. PREACH! I cannot wait to start getting out more of my spring and summer clothes, so fingers crossed London will not bring on another summer serving rain, rain and some more rain. Hopefully the trip to Rome next weekend will give some good weather vibes.

Foxes ❤

How excited are you guys about spring/summer? I cannot wait!



NYX Liquide Suede – Let’s set the scene first…

So, I come home and the apartment is empty. My hubby is in Canada for work and our roomie has gone to see her parents. I decide to jump into my newly washed black, velvet sweats and t-shirt and it does not stop there. Apparently, it seemed liked a brilliant idea to “swatch” my new favourite liquid lipstick from NYX. Picture this, me in my swagger outfit sitting on the floor in the hallway, because the hallway has the best white wall and light. May I also add that my camera is super heavy, it think I actually built some muscle!

Without further ado, here are my three favourite liquid lipstick – NYX Liquid Suede.

NYX Liquid Suede
Soft Spoken
Liquid Suede, Pink Lust
Kitten Heels

Love, Love, Love them! The dry beautifully without feeling drying – great! Also, the dofa applicator is very fussy and tickles the lips each and every time, which adds to the fun of applying them. That being said, I think Soft Spoken is my favourite colour, but Pink Lust will take the crown over summer.

Do you have any favourite lip products to recommend?

I will now continue my evening by having a randomly put together wok – YUM!



Copenhagen, you did it again…

Despite the fog and light rain, what a wonderful weekend! As I mentioned in my last post , Copenhagen is the kind of city that makes me want to laugh, smile and be appreciative. It is a city where you can hear the silence even when you are sat in a café, it really is that peaceful.

Wandering the streets of Copenhagen, it makes me realise just how much I adore Scandinavia, not to mention the effortless hygge that is available around every corner. The Danes just seem to get it right! The have wide cycle lanes (!) and not some sort of forced white paint 1 cm away from cars on a busy road, great bread, wonderful furniture design, happy and polite people and awesome food. What is there to complain about? If anyone has been in Copenhagen and object to any of the above – let me know!

Here comes a blast of photos, including some shameless selfies. You have been warned.

Walking through Rosenborg Castle Garden
Duck feeding is a must
Rosenborg Castle Garden
Rosenborg Castle


Shameless mirror selfie
I know, a café chain.. But Joe & the Juice is GREAT for a quick rest.
Another shameless mirror selfie! 
Mmm, at Bacchouse Café they know how to do breakfast.



Admiring Danish Chairs at the Danish Design Museum.
A dress made of straws.
…and paper “shoes”!
Copenhagen Street Food, absolutely worth a visit!
AMAZING  vegan pizza with almond cream cheese, heavenly. 

Until we meet again, Copenhagen.


Favourite European Cities…



I was definitely  bitten by the travel bug early on in life and travelling is today one of my favourite aspect of life. Travelling gives me life! Travelling gives me the opportunity to explore the spice of life way beyond my own nose. YASS!

Here are my 5 favourite European cities I have had the pleasure to visit and live in.


Honestly, where would I even start with this one. Barcelona is one of those vibrant cities that makes me want to quit life, drink coffee all day, move into a run down warehouse to be artistic and creative. I don’t have a talent for either painting or drawing, but Barcelona makes me feel like I could make a living out of it anyway.

To me, Barcelona has it all! It has the big city feel and there is never a dull moment. There is a beach (!), gorgeous weather and a mutual understanding for drinking sangria before 5pm. The architecture is unique considering Gaudí’s pieces are spread all across the city and I feel like I fall love with the city every time I visit.




Where wine tasting serves you a normal glass of wine…




Probably one of the coolest cities I have had the joy of visiting – the vibe is just so liberal, free and “ah, life”! Assuming Copenhagen is a reflection of the general Danish population, I totally understand why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world. Copenhagen makes me want to laugh, smile and be appreciative. There is joy and laughter in the smallest aspects of life, you can have the best day by enjoying a beverage of your choice and reading a book or be surrounded by friends.






Scandi Design is my kind of design.



Since I live here, London cannot go unmentioned. I moved to London in 2010 and I have lived for this city ever since. The city that never rests, literally. Anyone who has been brave enough to go on the underground during rush hour or visit Oxford Circus on a weekend (daredevils visit Oxford Circus on a weekend in December) know what I am talking about. Tuna can, sardin can, whatever fish can you can think of is the best description of London during rush hours. For some reason, I do love it overall, though I cannot stand it in the moment. Nonetheless, London is the city I grew up in as a young adult (now verging plain adult) and I love it for the lessons and experiences I have had here. London has taught me compassion when times are challenging, confidence when met by those who doubt you and to never settle.







I am fortunate to have a better half who will jump at any opportunity to travel, whether it be for a weekend or 2 weeks! We are going to Copenhagen today and we are only hours away from rushing out the door and I cannot wait.

What are your favourite cities?


Honourable mentions: Oslo, Amsterdam, Brighton and Puerto Banus. 


Current obsession(s)…

You know those little sparks of curiosity that make you go “oh, I am instantly drawn to this, whatever it is!” ? Those little sparks of curiosity that turn in to little habits. Then those lille habits turn into unhealthy habits that start swallowing parts of your day. Well, I have come to terms with my habits having turned into obsessions that I cannot stop entertaining.

Those little sparks of innocent curiosity.. I cannot afford any more of those!

Obsession 1 Amazingly tragic reality TV.

What can I say? My work evolves around international relations and development, yet, there is nothing more satisfying than semi-acted out realty TV at the end of a long day. I feel such pleasure in thinking, “thank the world, that is not my life”. Does that make me a bad person? I would like to add I also get very involved and cry and laugh alongside the shows. Take “Say Yes to the Dress (ANY version – NYC,Atlanta, Canada or UK!), I get so emotional when the brides finally find their dress and they get to sparkle on their big day! On the other hand, there is guilty pleasure number 1 – Keeping Up With The Kardashians… Why on earth did I start watching this? I would appreciate your thoughts on this, as I find them not remotely inspiring, motivational or interesting.

Obsession 2 Youtube, more specifically beauty channels.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 21.10.02.png
All of the videos above are recommended to me…

I cannot seem to watch enough beauty videos on Youtube. I will gladly watch any video containing a strangers top 5 “lippies” or “Faves and Hates of 2016” even though I never go to purchase any of the products I am bombarded with. Also, I love a good review of a product, especially when the product is not available in the UK and it is some sort of mission to locate it OR at a price range that would force me to live on oats for a month. I cannot get enough! I am talking Tati, NikkieTutorials and Thrift Thick. I actually had to stop and write to watch a new video from Thrift Thick…and I need to get a hold of the Milk Makeup Blur Stick..

Obsession 3  Adding products and clothes into wish baskets as if I am actually shopping.

Am I trying to make myself sad? I keep exploring new shopping/makeup sites only to start adding all that I like into a “wish basket” (such a sad basket, odds are I will never return to this.)

Obsession 4  Britain’s Darkest Taboos – omg – I am talking breakfast, commute to work, lunch hour and commute home.

This series is available on Netflix in the UK and I discovered it a few weeks ago. I have for as long as I can remember had a unhealthy obsession with any crime like show – Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, Law and Order Special Victims Unit etc. So when I saw this documentary series was available on Netflix, I could not help myself. All the episodes evolve around the concept of being betrayed by the people who supposedly love you the most. I watch it as often as I can, sometimes I even fall asleep to it. How is that even possible? This series is certainly not for the faint hearted and those who enjoy a good night lullaby.

Obsession 5 Rupaul’s Drag Race.


I feel like Rupaul’s Drag Race deserves its own space as it is my absolute favourite amazingly tragic reality TV show to ever make it to the big screens.  When I am not watching Britain’s Darkest Taboos (!), I am dreaming myself away in the world of Drag Race. I have seen every season several times, including the two All Stars seasons – but do not get me started. Jinkx Monsoon is my number one Queen and I have had the pleasure to see two of her shows here in London – I even paid for a meet and greet, which is when I realised we would never be friends.Nobody starts a friendship by being paid, or do they?

Well, those were some of my obsessions and now you know when I do with my spare time. Rather worrying when I read through it now, hah!

Please feel free to share some of your obsessions, I would love to hear!



Life does not care if it is a “new year”.

From a place a facts,  it is indeed a new year – again. To me, a new year would normally constitute a new and unrealistic list of how I would start to improve my life, surroundings and life in general. I am sure some of you will recognise this list. The list of perfection and ambition, the list that never ends and reminds you of what you could not tick off the list from last year.I am talking classic bullet points of: being a better person (what does that even mean?!), travel more, be more active and exercise, spend more quality time with friends and family, adopt a dog and etc.


These lists have not done anything for me, other than to constitute that putting “something” on a list does not make it happen. Not for me anyway. If anyone has found a way to make something happen by simply putting it down as a bullet point, let me know. 

What I have learned is that life does not care about it being a new year and life does certainly not care about any list you might be working on. Life carries on, as usual. If you had little time and money last year to go travel, it will most likely be the same for the “new year”. So far into the new year, it is all pretty much the exact same. Where am I going with this? I am not sure, but I want to make the point that no matter what we may write down in hopes of the paper and pen creating miracles, it is only you who can make a change. Personally, I find that if a change is to take place, you must truly want to make that change, be able to make that change and be in an environment that allows for that change. That is the only bullet point list I need.

So put away your pen and paper or whatever device you may chose to write down your hopes and dreams. Start to feel and sense what change you want, a change that makes you a happier person.


I am starting with this blog post.
I want to write a blog.
I am capable of writing, I think.
I have the time, energy and tools to write a blog.

Off to a good start by using overused pictures – but such is life. 




What no shopping does to a shopaholic…

As part of my many new years resolutions, I decided not to shop for 6 months. I had to convince myself many-a-times, actually more so I had to convince friends and family that I was going to be OK. There were some seriously worried people out there who were genuinely worried that I would become unhappy and be uninspired in the clothing department. What I took from that was: I shop too much, to the point where people believe it is my main source of happiness (!) and that it would be a great challenge.

The concern from friends and family was the tipping point – of course I can be happy without shopping. I wanted to not shop for the following reasons:

Appreciate what I have

Now, 5 months and 2 weeks into the process I must say that it was much easier than I thought. I have mixed and matched like never before to the point where friends and family thought I had gone shopping. Goes to show that you do not need new clothes for a new look. I feel a sense of relief that I have been able to truly appreciate what I have and feel grateful. Surprisingly, I have never thought the destructive thought of “I have nothing to wear” in front of a garment rack filled to its maximum capacity. This has to be tied in to renewed appreciation. I have spent money on travel that have lead to adventures I will never forget. To sum it all up, I feel great! Do not get me wrong, I am looking forward to going shopping again as it is something I truly enjoy, but it no longer strikes me that I “need” anything. I believe that I now have the mindset of it being OK to admit you want something, as oppose to constantly protect impulse buys as a “need”.

So here I am, almost 6 months without shopping and feeling really good about it. I doubt I will fall back into “maniac shopping mood” again and continue to respect what I already have so much more.



Why London?

Being accept to a university in London in 2010, I quickly packed my bags and prepared for a adventure of a lifetime. I would be living my big city dream like Carrie Bradshaw. I have always connected with Miss Bradshaw as we both have curly hair. Come to think of it, I connected the most with Scary Spice in the good old days, probably because we both had curly hair. Apparently, not much is needed for me to feel a connection. Who else is there… Sideshow Bob.  Anyway, little did I know that this adventure would continue to excite me for many years to come.

There are many assumptions about London, such as the rain having a special relationship with London. I would personally say that they are quite close, but don’t tell any Londoners I said that! Arguably, the wind has a even deeper connection with London. At the end of the day, it always makes a great guessing game in the morning. What do you wear? Will my hair frizz (answer is yes regardless)? Umbrella or a hat? Most likely both. Ballerinas or wellies?

That being said, I do love London despite its awkward weather temperament.


London has the ability to make you feel at ease because its day-to-day tempo is so rapid, you can sit down and enjoy the show. Lean into that chair and allow the chaos to bypass you whilst you have a drink and a laugh.


London is brave and the people who live here show courage on a daily basis. Case in point: Most Londoners embark on the underground every single day!


London keeps you on your toes and surprises you. I am due to marry a Englishman. Who would have thought? How we met is actually worth writing down when I come to think of it.


London can make you feel lonely, but quickly makes up for it in its spirit of “anything can happen”! You just need to make it happen.

559056_10152770747955265_532382258_n Abracadabra.


Eurovision soiree

Each year Eurovision fills us with joy, laughter and some serious questions concerning taste levels. In other words, last night was great! I have been a big fan of Eurovision since Alexander Rybak (Norway) won the hearts and votes of Europe back in 2009 and the song still makes me feel patriotic. Having never listened to any kind of violin and folk/pop music, I was simply sold the second I saw it. Why? It must be the delicate mix of genius and horror. I love it!

This year, my S.O and hosted a Eurovision soiree and a 7 year old dream came to life. It might have come as a shock to you all that Norway was not in the finale yesterday. Well, you are not alone as I was devastated to say the least. I mean.. the first time I throw a party and Norway did not even participate? Only one Nordic country participated, namely Sweden as all the others were booted off in the semi-finals. So let’s be honest here, Eurovision is nothing if not including a little political banter. I could not possibly have voted for Sweden, I’m Norwegian! Felt forced to vote for the UK as I live here. Damn pride and patriotism!

At least the food was yummy and there was more than enough bubbles.


PS: Am I the only one feeling we missed out on the votes as only the jury vote was highlighted? I would much rather see the voting of the people!